• Making your voice heard

    Newcastle CVS works with frontline voluntary and community organisations and other infrastructure or specialist organisations in the sector to represent the voluntary sector and ensure that its voice is heard and can influence policy and practice in Newcastle. Voluntary and community organisations, charities and social enterprises have a significant social and economic impact. The breadth of services and activities offered by voluntary sector organisations is deep and wide though for many their mission is to provide support to those facing poverty and exclusion.

    Newcastle CVS support enables the ideas, experience and energy of the voluntary sector to influence funders, councils, government departments and policy makers to improve conditions for the people and communities the sector works with and to make the voluntary sector itself more sustainable.

    Newcastle CVS supports two network forums for Newcastle CVS members to come together and be part of voluntary sector voice and influence in the city. These are CHYP IN (Children and Young People In Newcastle) voluntary sector forum for organisations working with children and young people in Newcastle and the Wellbeing and Health Open Forum for organisations interested in health, social care and wellbeing. You can find out more about these using the drop down options below. 

    We also involve and represent the voluntary sector by:

    • facilitating representation of the voluntary and community sector on partnerships and multi-agency structures
    • promoting, advocating and lobbying for the shared and diverse interests of the sector
    • initiating and supporting consultation processes which are meaningful and inclusive
    • running networks and forums

     The Voluntary Sector Liaison Group is a high level strategic group consisting of six Newcastle City Council members and six voluntary and community sector members.  It is supported by two officers; one from the council and the Chief Executive of Newcastle CVS. 

  • CLLD call for Local Action Group members

    Do you want to have a say in helping local communities connect with economic opportunities in parts of Newcastle and Wallsend?

    We’re looking for around 12 to 15 people who live, and/or work, and/or volunteer in Newcastle and Wallsend to work together with the support of Newcastle and North Tyneside Councils to make a real difference in helping residents and businesses improve their chances in the local economy.

    Community Led Local Development (CLLD) is about bringing together local communities to understand the challenges and experiences that can make it difficult for people to find employment, or start and run a business of their own. It is also about sharing ideas and exploring solutions. A key part of CLLD is to form a Local Action Group, representing public, private, community and voluntary sectors to review information about these issues, look at what support and solutions should be put in place to tackle them, and then to decide the allocation of European Funding to make that support a reality.

    Your input will initially last for a year and subject to funding, possibly for another 5 years. This is a volunteering opportunity; however expenses (e.g. travel, childcare) will be reimbursed and training will be made available at no cost for you.

    The deadline for Expressions of Interest to join the LAG has now passed, bookmark this page for future information about the LAG and North of Tyne CLLD
    If you have any queries, please contact Tim Cook, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    or telephone: 0191 277 8924

    CLLD North of the Tyne is part-funded by the ESIF Programme 2014-20

    ESIF logo

  • CHYP IN forum

    Newcastle CVS supports the CHYP IN (Children and Young People In Newcastle Gateshead) voluntary sector forum for Newcastle CVS member organisations working with children and young people in Newcastle and Gateshead. For more information about Newcastle CVS events, forums and networks contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Future meetings

    The CHYP IN voluntary sector forum meets three times a year, and next meets on:

    • Tuesday 20 June at 9.45 am to 12.30 pm
    • Tuesady 17 October at 9.45 am to 12.30 pm

    Venue and booking details will be publicised nearer the time. The venue will be accessible.

    Forum reports

    Many presentations and papers are a PDF file to reduce their size. If you would like them in PowerPoint or Word to be able to change the font size please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    March 2017 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

    October 2016 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

     June 2016 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

    March 2016 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

    October 2015 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

    June 2015 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

    Information papers taken to the forum

    March 2015 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

    October 2014 - CHYP IN voluntary sector forum

    Transition MADE: 27 November 2015

    A Newcastle Children’s Trust Making A Difference Event about the difference MADE to enable young people to make a good transition.

    Summary report Transition MADE 27 November, with embedded documents

    Transition MADE 27 November report in full


  • Wellbeing and Health Open Forum

    The Wellbeing and Health Open Forum is the way for voluntary and community organisations providing health and social care services and activities to network, get involved and stay informed.  Designed to support voluntary sector involvment with the Wellbeing for Life Board and other partnerships in Newcastle, the Open Forum can identify sector priorities and promote them to the local authority, Clinical Commissioning Group and other agencies. 

    The forum meets three times a year and is open to all Newcastle CVS full and associate members. 

    For more information about our events, forums and networks contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Dates for your diary
    • Tuesday 19 September, 1.45 pm for tea and coffee, meeting 2.00pm to 4.00pm, venue to be confirmed but will be accessible. Booking details will be available nearer the time.

    Wellbeing and Health Open Forum papers

    Many presentations and papers are a PDF file to reduce their size. If you would like them in PowerPoint or Word to be able to change the font size please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    May 2017

    The final graphics of the People, Communities and Care model, 24 May

    • Notes - coming soon
    • Programme
    • People, Communities and Care: Health and Social Care Integration in Newcastle and Gateshead - presentation by Julie Ross, Director of Integration in Gateshead and Newcastle
    • ABCD: are we speaking the same language? - presentation by Martin Gollan, Support and Development Manager, Newcastle CVS 
    • A manifesto for the VCS - Sally Young, Chief Executive Newcastle CVS spoke about the call to support people to register to vote; a draft manifesto for the VCS; and Hustings to be held on 4 June
    • Barbara Douglas, Strategic Director, Quality of Life Partnership, spoke about new features of InformationNOW, the website for older people in Newcastle
    • Mark Shilcock, Support, Development and Networking Officer with Gateshead Support, Newcastle CVS, spoke about OurGateshead, Gateshead's community website with news and activities from over 1,000 groups and organisations

     February 2017


    September 2016

     May 2016

    March 2016

    September 2015

    May 2015

    February 2015 

    September 2014

    Safeguarding resources
  • Consultations

    Newcastle CVS responds to consultations which are appropriate and relevant to the voluntary and community sector in Newcastle. We also respond to national consultations so our voice is not drowned out by those from the South East and big national organisations. We organise events and workshops to explore our members' views in more depth so that we can make a fuller response. We use the professional skills and experiences of our staff and partners in responding to consultations. We feel strongly that there should be sufficient time given to make appropriate responses and we retain the right not to respond where we believe the processes are inappropriate or the issues are predetermined. 

    Live consultations  

    There are no live consultations to display at the moment. 

    Our responses to 2017 consultations

    Our responses to 2016 consultations

    Our responses to 2015 consultations

    Our responses to 2014 consultations

    • Family Services ReviewNewcastle City Council Family Services (0 – 25) Review is about the proposed changes in Family Services, Early Years Services, and Sure Start, with cuts of £4.67 million.
    • Care Act 2014The Care Act 2014 introduces far reaching change to the provision of care and support.
    • Setting the 2020 Persistent Child Poverty target: The Government asked for views on a proposed new persistent child poverty target for the UK, to be achieved in 2020.
    • Charity CommissionCharity Commission: The Charity Commission launched a consultation on a number of proposals for changes to the Annual Return for 2015. 
    • Local Sustainability Fund: The Cabinet Office published a consultation on a proposed sustainability fund to support effective voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations. 
    • Child Poverty Strategy Consultation: The Government held a consultation on its Child Poverty Strategy 2014 to 2017. Newcastle CVS sumitted a response to the consultation before the closing date of 22 May.
  • Newcastle City Council Budget 2017/18

    As part of informing the voluntary sector and providing opportunities for the sector to make its voice heard, Newcastle CVS organises regular consultation events on Newcastle City Council's budget proposals. The events are an opportunity to hear directly from the City Council's senior officers about budget proposals, to question officers and to say what the impacts of budget decisions will have on communities, individuals and the voluntary sector organisations that provide services and support.

    Newcastle City Council has published its budget proposals for 2017/18 which aims to save £30m from next year budget. Visit Newcastle City Council’s budget page for more details about the proposals.

    There is a Newcastle City Council 2017/18 budget consultation on Wednesday 14 December, 1.00pm to 3.00pm at the Discovery Museum, Blandford Square. Tony Kirkham, the City Council's Director of Resources and Rachel Baillie, Assistant Director of Commissioning will be giving presentations on the proposals. The event will be an opportunity to ask questions and comment on the proposals and the impact they will have for communities and the voluntary and community sector.

    Book your place here

    Please participate in the budget process. You can also make a response on behalf of your organisation; the consultation closes on 31 December 2016.

    Newcastle CVS will be doing a formal response to the budget proposals.

  • Poverty and social justice

    Voluntary and community sector organisations have a significant contribution to make to shaping and influencing public policy and service delivery. Newcastle CVS aims to keep the voluntary and community sector in the city informed through newsletters and bulletins, research and reports, events, forums and networks

    Additionally Newcastle CVS works with voluntary organisations to understand and present the impact that changes to legislation and policy is having on individuals and communities. In Newcastle, poverty and inequality have a devastating effect on the lives of many of the city’s residents. The city is ranked 40th most deprived local authority area and 72,000 people in Newcastle live in the most deprived areas in the UK.

    15.6% of the city’s working age population is out of work and claiming benefits. 30% of children in Newcastle live in poverty compared to an English average of 20.1%. Life expectancy for men in Newcastle is lower than the national average. Men and women who live in Newcastle’s poorer areas have shorter lives than those living in the city’s more affluent areas.

    Where to get advice in Newcastle about benefits, debt and money support

    Newcastle Welfare Rights Service has updated “Where to get advice in Newcastle”. The document includes details of city wide and local services providing advice on benefits, debt and money support.

    Foodbanks in Newcastle information leaflet

    Foodbanks in Newcastle lists details of the larger foodbanks operating in Newcastle. It does not include all foodbanks and while the leaflet is regularly updated, you are advised to try and contact the foodbanks before visiting. Most foodbanks require a referral from a social worker, GP or an organisation registered with the foodbank as a referring body. View our foodbank information sheet here. 

    A Voluntary Sector Manifesto for Newcastle

    By working with its members, Newcastle CVS produced a Voluntary Sector Manifesto for Newcastle, ahead of the 2015 general election. The manifesto describes the conditions required to enable voluntary sector organisations and local communities to thrive. Although specifically produced for the general election the manifesto is intended to stimulate a dialogue within the voluntary sector and with the public and private sector.

    North East Devolution

    In 2014 the Coalition Government agreed a devolution package for Greater Manchester. Following this, the North East Combined Authority a new legal body including Northumbria and Durham County Councils and the five Tyne and Wear local authorities, announced its plans for devolving a set of powers and responsibilities to the North East.

    Newcastle CVS believes it is important that communities and voluntary organisations should be able to influence any devolution of powers and responsibilities to the region. We aim to work with Newcastle CVS members and the local authorities to make sure that voluntary sector organisations have a voice in deciding what a devolved north east looks and feels like.

    Poverty proofing tool

    Many charities and voluntary organisations have relief of poverty amongst their objectives. For some, they meet this objective by being located in communities experiencing poverty and simply being available to provide help and support. For other voluntary organisations, they deliver specific, specialist services under contract or with grant aid.

    At a time of continuing austerity and cuts to public sector budgets voluntary organisations of all sizes report that demand for services is growing. However in the welter of constant and increasing demand it can prove difficult to know if your organisation is fully supporting people in poverty or instead stigmatising them.

    Taking a lead from Children North East’s Poverty Proofing the School Day, Newcastle CVS has worked with its members to develop Poverty Proofing the Voluntary Sector using a set of questions  Poverty Proofing the Voluntary Sector enables staff, managers, trustees and volunteers to take a step back and ask are we doing all we can to tackle the direct impact poverty has on individuals, families and communities. 

  • Newcastle Compact

    The Compact was historically an agreement between Newcastle City Council, and the voluntary and community sector in Newcastle. In 2014 it was updated to refer to the relationship between the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and a range of public sector partners.

    The Compact has again been updated at the Wellbeing for Life Board in October 2016 and it refers to the relationship between the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) and a range of public sector partners.  This document is a partnership tool intended to help further develop and improve relationships between the VCS and public sector partners in Newcastle.  The New Newcastle Compact underpins the on-going informal and formal conversation between public sector partners and the VCS.

    Public and Voluntary Sector partners are subject to a range of external statutory regulation and this Compact is not intended to take precedence over this. Rather, it is a statement of intended good practice.

    Currently (October 2016), the public sector partners supporting this Compact are: the Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group, Newcastle City Council, Brunswick Parish Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service (NCVS) has signed up on behalf of the Newcastle Community & Voluntary Sector.

    The New Newcastle Compact recognises that relationships go wider than commissioning, contracting and grant aid processes.  The quality of our relationships is indicative of how we can work together for the maximum benefit of Newcastle's citizens and communities.  The best outcomes for the people and communities within Newcastle can only be achieved by positive and collaborative working relationships and partnerships within, and between, the sectors.  Additional public sector partners are welcome.

    View the Newcastle Compact

  • Voluntary sector representatives of multi-agency partnerships

    A range of multi agency partnerships exist in Newcastle, many of which have committees and sub groups. We have compiled a list of such groups and their members. Please note that while we do endeavour to keep the list updated frequently, it is only accurate at the time of publishing. 

  • Voice on multi-agency partnerships

    There are six partnership Boards, which sometimes have subgroups, along with other topic based multi-agency partnerships. Multi-agency partnerships in Newcastle usually have voluntary sector participation and representation arranged through Newcastle CVS.

    The partnerships are:

    • Newcastle Wellbeing for Life Board
    • Newcastle Children's Trust Board
    • Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board
    • Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board
    • Newcastle Gateshead Mental Health Programme Board
    • Safe Newcastle 

    Requests for VCS representatives are advertised through the fortnightly e-inform. Representatives are expected to participate fully in the Wellbeing and Health Open Forum or CHYP IN network and to meet certain standards in order to be accountable and representative of the sector.

    Reps reports

    For more information about the role of VCS representatives email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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