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As you know, Newcastle CVS has been successful in securing the infrastructure support contracts for Newcastle and Gateshead for the next three years. This means that we can continue to support voluntary and community organisations in both areas and seek to meet the many needs of the sector.

The contracts from both the local authorities require us to offer a different service to that we have offered previously – we have to focus our work on more direct support to smaller organisations around funding and governance.  And we will develop networks, training and different ways of working to help make organisations become more resilient and sustainable.  Of course, we will still be offering representation and advocacy for voluntary and community organisations and reflecting our sector with and to local public sector partners.

These changes mean we have to work differently and create at least four new infrastructure roles with different scopes and responsibilities to the roles we have today. At the same time we have to remove four infrastructure roles that are no longer viable given the new requirements.

Welcome to On the Hoof October 2018

Wellbeing, health and social care news for people working in and with the voluntary sector in Newcastle, Gateshead and beyond.

This month’s issue includes:

Your invitation to our Take a Mo-Ment event; Highlights from Welcome Here for Black History Month; our free Cultural Competency Sessions; LGBTQ mental health report; 2019/2020 budget consultation meetings with both Newcastle City Council and Gateshead Council, and the new Patchy Café.

Do you feel confident that you run your charity or community organisation well? Do you understand all of your responsibilities in running a charity effectively?

“Good governance – what you need to know to be effective” is a two-hour session that covers the basics of what it means to be a management committee member or a trustee. It’s aimed at people who are new to this, but is also suitable if you feel in need of a refresher too. Not sure if it’s right for you? Look through this check-list of questions to ask yourself:

Our Safeguarding check up 2018 has been updated with new resources, including new online links for Newcastle child protection referrals, the new Gateshead Safeguarding website, NSPCC resources, and the updated Charity Commission guidance for trustees. There are 10 checks to make, with yes the right answer.

Jacqui Jobson, Director of our Advocacy Centre North project, has produced a new research report for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. The report focuses on LGBTQ mental health inequalities and takes inspiration from services in Australia and Canada to make recommendations here in the UK. The publication of this report is timely because the UK Government has recently published an LGBT Action Plan that echos many of the themes outlined in Jacqui's report. It's a relevant and useful resource for the voluntary and community sector, as well as the public sector and specialist advocacy services.

The report stresses that the voluntary and community sector should play a key role in partnering with LGBTQ people to support, organise and network. As a sector, we have always been best placed to work with seldom heard communities and minority groups. We will share some of these key recommendations from the report soon. In the meantime, you can download a copy of the report here:

LGBTQ Mental Health: Exploring advocacy approaches to health inequalities

Executive Summary


Welcome to On the Hoof September 2018

Wellbeing, health and social care news for people working in and with the voluntary sector in Newcastle, Gateshead and beyond.

This issue includes

  • Wellbeing and health open forum invitation
  • Online referrals contacts for safeguarding children
  • Information sharing advice for safeguarding practitioners
  • Children and young people’s mental health
  • GemArts Mates Crime Awareness Project
  • Have your say on suicide prevention

On the Hoof September 2018


Wellbeing, health, and social care news for people working in and with the voluntary sector in Newcastle and Gateshead

In this issue:

  • Wellbeing and Health Open Forum
  • Making Connections: Your Support Network
  • Welcome Here summary
  • Safeguarding Adults Boards: new rep in Newcastle; call for a rep in Gateshead
  • Free safeguarding training in Newcastle and Gateshead
  • CCG Urgent Treatment Centres 
  • Fire safety advice


Our summer safeguarding check up has been updated for 2018.

It’s time to consider safeguarding in your summer organisational check-up, to be ready as funding opportunities come around. Many funders including local authorities, Community Foundations and Children in Need check your safeguarding policies and procedures, and ask about recent safeguarding training as part of the application process. 

Newcastle CVS latest report is Welcome Here: ­­Celebrating voluntary sector work with the diverse Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities in Newcastle and Gateshead.

This report discusses increasing the accessibility of services; wellbeing and health; education and employment; tackling racism, discrimination, prejudice, and hate crime; that women face structural inequalities; and participation in cultural, community, and public life. 

The national context, recent reports and changing demographics of Newcastle and Gateshead are set out, along with short vignettes of different voluntary and community organisations.

For Welcome Here, Newcastle CVS asked voluntary and community organisations about the issues facing the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities that they work with, and sought out stories about the outstanding work that they are doing.

Join in the discussion online using the hashtag #WelcomeHere

In addition to the report, we have begun to produce useful resources and tips that your organisation can use and share. The first is our Welcome Here poster, a template for which can be found at the bottom of our Information Sheets page under 'others'. There is an A4 or A3 template pdf that you can adapt for your organisation, print, sign and display in your workplace to make visitors feel welcome.

Welcome Here poster

Wellbeing, health and social care news for people working in and with the voluntary sector in Newcastle, Gateshead and beyond.

This issue includes:

  • Gateshead Care System event for VSCE
  • Audit tool to find out how well your organisation works with vulnerable communities
  • Gateshead multi faith calendar
  • Newcastle Wellbeing for Life Board reps’ report
  • LGBT action plan
  • Northumberland Tyne & Wear & North Durham Health Scrutiny